Boot expedition

We tried the consignment stores without luck, so trekked to walmart (thanks togetbackhomeward)!
My boy chose a pair of bright blue rain boots with neon pink soles. Just perfect, now we need it to rain again.

We got back to the car to realize that he had left two of his favourite little toy cars in the store. We went back, looked in all the places we’d been, asked as many assistants as we could find, but no luck. I was so proud of how he dealt with it all. He was sad, but kept suggesting we looked ‘over there’. When I said that someone else had probably picked the cars up, he repeated that a few times. Processing it, I think. Still no tears, just a bit quiet.

Then once I’d left my number in case they did turn up, we walked back to the car. My girl said, quite voluntarily, that he could borrow her favourite portable toy (an old mobile phone) to help him feel happy.

I’m so proud of them both.

More on permanent residency document requirements. Apparently, we have to provide a list of all international travel done in the last ten years. Given that covers the time we had two decent, full time salaries and no children… Hmm. Yes. Quite a lot. Hard to remember dates, so will have to go back through our photos. Probably will be a fun job to do. But still another thing to add to the list.


I like sorting laundry, getting it in the washer, switching it to the dryer, and folding it into the basket.

What I don’t like is putting it away.

I have maybe 5 loads of it sitting in folded piles on our bedroom floor. We keep having to look through them to find things to wear.

My morning objective is to get it all put away.